Hey Entrepreneurs, Coaches, & Service Providers!

This "Goofy" New 
3-Minute Video Method 
Lands $2k-15k / Month Clients

(No Video Editing Needed)


All You Need is Your Phone. I'll Show You the Rest.

 (PLUS: I'll Give You 100+ Ideas for Video Content You Use …Just Tap Record!)

Video Lands Better Clients & Customers (and More of Them)

Why does video content work so well?

Because video gives you an opportunity to create a real connection with someone. 

Just watch the video at the top of this page. You can tell what I'm like. You can get a good idea of what this toolkit is like by watching me. You can get a feel for how I'll teach you how to use video.

That's the magic of my "goofy" video method. It's all about being yourself, and connecting with people in a natural and authentic way, even if it turns out a little... goofy.

This is better for you because you don't need to worry about being perfect, and it's better for your audience because they get to see who you really are.

Just watch the video above to see *exactly* what I mean.

And if you've been struggling to make video's this will help you overcome that too...

You Already Know You Should Be Doing Video, But You're Not...

Why is that? 

Does it take forever for you to record something because you feel the need to make it perfect? Let me show you why imperfect videos work better, and how to make them *quickly*!

Do you have something to say, but you aren't sure how to say it without being awkward? Maybe the only person who dropped a "like" on your video was your mom? Let me give you my video planning template so you have a step-by-step plan for making content that drives business, FAST.

Have you tried video content, but you just didn't know what to say? Be sure to check out the 100+ client-getting video ideas I'm including in this toolkit!

Are you worried about all the time, tech, and editing? Then let me show you a whole new way to think about video. Because all you really need is your iPhone (or any smart phone with a camera).

Do you want to start ATTRACTING top-tier clients and referrals?
Then this Toolkit & Step-by-Step Course is for you.

We're all terrified of putting ourselves out there on camera.

But we have to do it

It's 2023, video is what's driving sales!

Plus, the style of video you're about to learn can help you land better high-ticket clients because you'll be able to build a real and genuine connection with prospects that will have them showing up to sales pages or consulting calls excited to work with you.

So, let me give you the strategy, structure, and "imperfect" video framework you need to finally start creating video content that attracts new opportunities right into your inbox.

What do you say?

Stop putting off video content and start discovering...
  • How to get rid of all the fears and worries that are stopping from you showing up on video (PLUS: Why imperfect videos actually work better than all those perfectly polished productions with fancy graphics... just get out your phone, hit record, and follow the structure I'm about to give you and record!).
  • The THREE things your videos need to land you "big fish" clients for Done-For-You Offers, high-ticket coaching programs and more (cool part? Nothing new to learn here, I guarantee you already have all three of these things!).
  • The FOUR things you must include in EVERY video you post!
  • How to plan a YEAR’S worth of content in just a couple of days (I'll also give you 100+ client-getting video ideas ).
  • The “Ultimate Social Post” template that takes all the time and guesswork out of gaining traction with video on the major networks.
  • How to generate endless content ideas (NO MORE CONTENT PLANNERS!).
  • I’ll show you how you can use your videos to eliminate objections, so you build better relationships with your customers.
  • How to make your videos stand out from the competition by effortlessly adding your own branding and subtitles to your videos.
… and MUCH more inside this client-getting video creation toolkit!

It's All Inside this Toolkit:

Booking Big Fish Clients with iPhone Video

Get Ready to Start Creating Client-Landing Videos with Confidence!

Does your smartphone have a camera?
Great! Get this toolkit and I'll show you how to use it to land more (and better) clients. 

This complete program includes:

  • Complete Video Training to Build Confidence on Camera
  • Sales-Driving Video Structure Template 
  • The “Ultimate Social Post” Template
  • Content Calendar Template
  • How to Plan 3 Months Worth of Content in 90 Minutes
  • 100+ Done-for-You Client-Getting Video Ideas 
  • ​And Much More!

BONUS #1: 
LinkedIn High-Ticket Lead Attraction Workshop 

This workshop breaks down real-world case study examples using video on LinkedIn to attract high-ticket leads for a services business. During this workshop, you'll discover:

  • How to turn LinkedIn conversations into closed clients - Get real-world examples of what happens when we go to LinkedIn and start posting the same style of "big fish" client-getting videos you're about to start creating.
  • ​Follow along as I show you the exact replies (just these as templates). We'll cover the type of conversations you'll end up in...and how to reply to each so that you have the best shot at landing clients using video on LinkedIn.
  • "Stand Out Techniques" for High-Ticket Prospecting and how to be memorable in the mind of your prospects so that they'll come back to you for help solving their problems. 

… and more!

BONUS #2 - “From Comment To Close” 

How to turn social comments into clients
(Templates + Video Walkthrough)

 I’m including this bonus course that shows you how to turn comments and “likes” into paying clients.

In this free bonus, you’ll learn:

  • The step-by-step process I follow when someone comments on my videos (I also include templates you can use, so you'll never wonder what to say!).
  • How to message a total stranger... without sounding like a salesman (or worse... a complete weirdo!).
  • The kinds of people you should NEVER try to book sales calls with (asking to hop on a quick call will mean you NEVER work with these guys).

… and much more!

Get Immediate Access to Everything: 

JUST $27!

    365-Day Money-Back GUARANTEE

Here’s A Full Rundown Of What You’ll 
Receive When You Order Today:

Full Video Training

Where you’ll learn how to:
  • Have the confidence to make - and post - videos online.
  • Come up with endless content ideas.
  • Structure your video by following four simple steps.
  • ​How to plan 3 months worth of content in just 90 minutes.
  • ​I’ll even show you a super-easy way to brand your video and add subtitles to make it stand out even more.
You’ll learn everything you need to develop the confidence to make videos that land big fish clients, using just the phone in your pocket.

Ultimate Social Posts Template

No more struggling, wondering what to say in your posts, as I give you a simple process you can use for ANY post on ANY social platform to get maximum engagement.

You’ll learn:
  • The best way to begin your social post for maximum attention.
  • How to use curiosity to keep customers interested for longer, so they absorb even MORE of your content.
  • How to deliver compelling “Calls to Action”, so you get more likes, replies, and comments.
… and more!

With this handy guide, you’ll always know how to create the perfect post.

100+ Client-Getting Video Ideas

Even though I’m going to show you how to come up with endless content ideas

... I’m still giving you a spreadsheet with 100 ideas, so you can hit the ground running as soon as you order!

Content Calendar

Think content planning takes a long time? 

I’ll show you how to plan 3 MONTHS worth of content in less than 90 minutes.

I’m also including a “done for you” template that makes planning even easier!

LinkedIn High-Ticket Lead Attraction Workshop 

I know you want proof that these ideas work, so that’s why I’m showing you EXACTLY how I used these ideas to land big-ticket clients. 

Watch over my shoulder as I show you screenshots of replies and comments, so you can see how the entire process works from start to finish.

“From Comment To Close” Templates + Video Walkthrough

“Once I attract attention from my ideal clients, what am i supposed to do next? How do I actually CLOSE these clients?”

Getting likes and shares is one thing. Getting paid is another. That’s why I’m including training and templates showing you how to go from “comment to close” - without having to go into sleazy sales mode!

Get EVERYTHING You Need To Start Showing Up On Video With Confidence!

For Only $27!

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    Secure Checkout

    Satisfaction Guarantee

    Privacy Protected

Try The Entire Program -

Pick up the entire system today for only $27.

Watch all the videos, fill in the templates, and use all the client-getting video ideas. 

Shoot a few videos using the method and techniques I'll show you.

Discover your confidence on camera (it's there, let me show you how to get it out).

See how "imperfect" videos, the "close" strategies you're about to discover, and much much more inside of this toolkit land better clients (and more of them)...


If, at any point in the next year, you don’t think it’s worth it, just send me an email and I’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.

I know that finally getting around to shooting videos might be a leap for you at the moment, but here’s a truth you need to remember…

Video is only going to become MORE important in marketing.

The fact is - you’re going to have to start using video if you want to thrive.

You already know that one. 

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be complicated, you don’t need to be daunted by fancy production styles, and you don't need to have Rockstar level confidence. 

You can start using the power of video right now, just by opening up your phone…

… and I can show you how.

Just click the link below and, by this time tomorrow, you'll have made your first video and you'll be on your way to landing "Big Fish" clients with video. 

I hope to see you inside,


Get Everything You See On This Page For:

JUST $27!

    100% 365-DAY GUARANTEE

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